As the weather warms and flocks of prospective students arrive on MSU’s campus, the student body seems listless. The usual energy that arrives with the warm weather is somewhat supressed this year and Spring Break, or the lack thereof, may be the culprit. Read more

It’s no secret that the environment is important, especially for Montanans who often spend their free time fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. With that in mind, it was no surprise to me that not only is the Bozeman Public Library hosting an Earth Day event, but they are also … Read more

In recent breaking news, the South and North Hedges Resident Assistants (RAs) have confirmed that they are joining the Amazon delivery union in a strike over unfair work practices. The weekly requirement of creating and distributing “fun bags” has been deemed an unsafe working environment by… Read more

Students gaped in awe on Wednesday, March 31, as they witnessed quite possibly the most stunning phenomenon to occur on campus since, well, ever: an unidentified man simultaneously pushing himself down Centennial Mall in a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe® and yodeling with the full capacity of his lungs.  Read more

If you’re a fan of DreamWorks films like myself, then you are likely familiar with the 2004 animated movie “Shark Tal3.” What you may not know, however, is that the production company recently announced a sequel to the film, simply titled “Shark Tal3 2,” that’s scheduled to release in mid-2022. Read more

A family of mice, residing in Miller Dining Commons, have recently announced a lawsuit against MSU. The suit alleges that the entire family of rodents suffered from food poisoning after being served what MSU culinary services referred to as “a hearty breakfast”.  Read more

On Sunday, March 14, the Recording Academy held the 63rd Grammy Awards. Artists from around the world and across all genres came together to celebrate the best music of 2020, with a lucky few taking home some serious hardware. Read more

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science recently announced the nominees for the 2021 Academy Awards — also known as the Oscars — along with information about the event. Read more

Beginning at 12:50 p.m. sharp on Friday, March 19, Hayden Pritchard, an engineering major and music minor, and his instructor Gregory Young, Ph.D., professor of clarinet and composition, filled the east atrium of Norm Asbjornson Hall with all three movements of Franz Krommer’s famous 1803 co… Read more

I don't know about you, but the first thing on my mind in the morning isn’t usually a Swedish folk-country-pop sister duo. That all changed last week when I heard the band First Aid Kit for the very first time. For the past few days, the sweet melodic harmonies of Johanna and Klara Söderberg… Read more

As we continue to get more accustomed to our lives in the pandemic, we have slowly been allowed to once again enjoy theatrics and entertainment. Luckily, Bozeman is now graced with the ability to host plays, beginning with the production “Polaroid Stories,” written by Naomi Iizuka and perfor… Read more

The first moments of the film, “The Illusionists,” play over the background of a Gaetano Donizetti composition, crescendoing in the rhythmic and galloping pace of trumpets, drums and violins. As the screen continues to transition between different beauty advertisements from around the world,… Read more

It’s Friday, Feb. 26, at 9 a.m. After walking up the stairs and through the doors of Haynes 242, I was immediately greeted with an array of posters and books, all bearing an assortment of bright colors, contrasting designs and words. It was the 66th annual Type Directors Club (TDC) Traveling… Read more

       This spring, the MSU Department of Ecology will be holding a weekly seminar series stretching from Thursday, Feb. 25 to Thursday, April 22. The series is part of BIOE 555, a graduate ecology class. Read more

Every February, the Big Sky Film Institute puts together a ten day festival of non-fiction films to share during the Big Sky Film Festival. What’s usually a large festival of 20,000 people gathering together in downtown Missoula was hosted as a ten day online event to accommodate for COVID-1… Read more

Everybody knows the dreadful feeling of being in a music rut — when you can’t find anything good to listen to and you spend way too much time skipping through Spotify playlists. Well, if you're like me, stuck in a musical rut of misery, then look no further, I have got a great album for you … Read more

In just a few weeks, Gallatin Valley Farm to School (GVF2S) will be hosting its 5th annual Winter’s Bounty Farm to Table feast. The Winter’s Bounty event is an important fundraiser for Gallatin Valley Farm to School and the organization has partnered with several local restaurants to provide… Read more

Don’t mind me, sitting at my desk in the Exponent office listening to Taylor Swift’s award-winning album “Fearless.” You may be wondering why a 21-year-old male is doing such a thing and oh boy do I have some fantastic news for you, ‘Swiftie’ or not.  Read more

A couple of weeks ago, the Culture team here at the Exponent published a story about Netflix’s campaign to release new movies every week of 2021. To keep up with the trend, I watched last week’s big title, “Malcolm & Marie.” As more of a movie watcher than a movie critic, I’ll refrain fr… Read more

It’s a Tuesday and it is -12 degrees Fahrenheit outside. You have about three more hours of homework to complete in the library and an exam to take before going home. Your stomach rumbles and you realize it’s time for a snack so you bundle up and rush over to the MSU Bookstore to rummage thr… Read more

Whether you’re an avid thrift-shopper or are just looking to refresh your wardrobe, hit up Sacks Thrift Store. Located on West Mendenhall, Sacks is the perfect place to shop for a variety of items such as outdoor gear, furniture, clothing, antiques, books and so much more. The store was rece… Read more

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is currently conducting an ongoing series titled, “Pandemic Perspectives.” The Museum of the Rockies (MOR) is making the individual lectures available to the public and MOR’s members. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, they presented “Race and Place: Ye… Read more

        MSU’s creative writing club is as inclusive as it is laid-back — the club is for everyone. Writers are encouraged to attend meetings and share their work, whether it’s their next bestseller or simply a fun story. Read more

For most people, the plethora of GameStop (GME) and stock market memes that have surfaced the past couple of weeks have been unavoidable. But what does any of this even mean? Here is the rundown of the bizarre situation with the stock market.  Read more

This past Friday afternoon I was de-stressing from a hard week of school and assignments by taking a stroll down Main St. I stopped at Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot for a hot snickerdoodle latte, peeked in at Vargo’s Jazz City and Books to check for a new poetry collection and continued making my w… Read more

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, our lives are still being ruled by social distancing guidelines. This can make Friday nights a little less exciting than they used to be. However, next time you’re unsure of what to do on Friday evening, consider staying in and taking advantage of Netflix’… Read more

Seemingly “strange” scenes and experiences push us to approach our surroundings with new perspectives and insight. We do a double-take on certain aspects of life that once seemed so simple and concrete when faced with new forms of knowledge. I was introduced to a YouTube video titled, “When … Read more

It’s no secret that sustainability is important to many students at MSU. MSU’s commitment to becoming more sustainable attracts students from many different states and countries. In order to continue educating Bobcats about the planetary crisis we face and sustainability on campus, the Honor… Read more

In the market for a new book? Well, take a seat, grab a cup of hot chocolate and dive into the adventurous world of Paulo Coelho’s, “The Alchemist.” Set in the Spanish countryside of Andalusia, “The Alchemist”tells the tale of young Santiago, a sheepherder longing for something more. Travel … Read more

We as humans love reading about things that make us think with different perspectives and experience new emotions. We love stories that transport us into new locations, exotic myths and enticing worlds. Reading about characters that are entirely different to us is transformative and imaginat… Read more

Music is everywhere. It’s in the headphones of college students as they study for class, the lift lines at Bridger Bowl and our kitchens during late-night dance parties. Music can be used as an escape, an inspiration or a motivator. It can be used to bring people together and enhance moments… Read more

The first week of classes is complete, and what could be a better way to celebrate than with a three-day weekend? The holiday gives us one more day to ski, go out with friends,  have late-night dance parties and study (of course). Read more

As COVID-19 continues to rear its ugly head, it has become especially important to support our small, local businesses that add so much to the culture and experience of Bozeman. One great shop to support this year is Country Bookshelf, the quaintest book store around.  Read more

When thinking of the Christmas season, thoughts of shopping downtown for my family, catching up with friends over coffee and surrounding myself with the people Read more

A new semester has arrived, and students have finally made it back to campus. Students have never experienced a winter break quite like this, and the transition back to school will present individuals with new challenges, new feelings and possibly even new inspiration. Navigating the seeming… Read more

Being an MSU Resident Advisor (RA) has never been a piece of cake, but a school year such as this one was the icing on top. With restrictions on how events can be run and strict rules in place surrounding COVID-19 in the dorms, helping students connect to their peers has proven more difficul… Read more

Bozeman has changed significantly over the last 10 years. You might even say the differences in Bozeman from 2010 to 2020 are shocking. Once, it was a small ski town with a strong sense of community and a few choices for places to grab a drink after hitting the mountain. Now, with its ever-e… Read more

The semester is quickly coming to an end. If you aren’t stressed enough between the pandemic, a contentious election and the fact that the temperature has reached 60° F in November, buckle up, because finals are practically upon us. If you’re a freshman, or a non-traditional student and have… Read more

As this interesting fall semester comes to a close, some of you may be wondering how you should spend the glorious six weeks of winter break that are rapidly approaching. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can spend your time, and here are just a few suggestions. Read more

Although the Cats won’t be heading to Missoula this fall to defeat the Griz for the fifth straight year, “Can the Griz” will continue as planned. As of the time of publication, there have been 1,819 days since the Griz have defeated the Cats on the gridiron, and MSU has successfully canned t… Read more

Local photographer Jeff Corwin has been photographing picturesque landscapes, stunning architecture and unique portraits for about 40 years. He started photography at the young age of 14 with the help of his dad. “[My father] got me involved, he built me a darkroom in the house when I was pr… Read more

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Speaking one’s native language is more than just a way of communication; it is a matter of maintaining culture. It is our best resource for staying connected to our history and where we come from. When we learn to speak the language that our ancestors spoke, we are connecting to them and kee… Read more

It’s no secret to many of us Bozemanites that our community is a place that loves to share and experience cultural arts. This year, Bozeman was recognized for its art scene in a national ranking, becoming the seventh most art-vibrant medium-size community across the nation in 2020, and retur… Read more