Warning: slight spoiler alerts ahead.

The Snyder Cut delivers “Justice” to DC Fans Everywhere. I grew up with Superman, Batman and Green Lantern action figures, TV shows and Halloween costumes. DC and Marvel comics and culture surrounded me and my fellow nerdy, glasses-wearing friends. While my friends were all fans of Marvel, I was always attracted to the dark side of DC. When DC followed Marvel in their quest to build a bigger, better cinematic universe, I had high hopes. Between “Batman vs Superman,” “Suicide Squad” and “Man of Steel,” my expectations weren’t quite met, but I was always pleasantly satisfied. It was only when I watched the original cut of “Justice League” that I was slightly disappointed, and my high expectations were only met when the Snyder cut of the film was released.

I watched the four-hour new Justice League film, “re-directed” by Zach Snyder, while on the phone with my father (a man of equally aspirational expectations for the DC Universe). He and I gawked at the opening scenes that transformed the once-mediocre, try-to-be-Marvel movie into a dark and gruesome film that my father described as “a movie version of a graphic novel rather than Marvel’s depiction of comic books.”

One of the very first scenes captured Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, obliterating skilled British terrorists. In contrast to the original release of “Justice League,” Gadot appears to be much angrier and her fighting tactics are far more violent. Snyder continues to set his cut apart from the first release of “Justice League” when, in the final battle with the main bad guy, Wonder Woman goes so far as to decapitate her enemy.

Sound gross? Violent? Maybe even a little scary? Good. That is what Zach Snyder’s original vision for the movie was and, when the original 2017 release directed by Joss Weadon flopped, many DC fans called for the darker, more edgy “Snyder Cut.” The name came about when DC fans realized that, after Snyder left halfway through film production due to the death of his daughter, there remained a large amount of material that was not included in Weadon’s version after he took over directorial duties. Fans were introduced to Snyder’s violent and dark themes in his previous works, such as “300” and “Batman vs. Superman,” so they demanded that his cut be released instead of Weadon’s clearly lighter-hearted attempt. After an announcement last year from Warner Bros. Studios about the release of the Snyder Cut, multiple reshoots and reproduction took place in order to finish and polish what Snyder had begun 4 years earlier. The film was released exclusively on HBO Max in mid-March and has received ecstatic reviews from DC fans everywhere, or at least the ones who were able to finish the whole movie. According to Slash Films, that was only 36% of fans in the first week of its release. If you have HBO Max, or your friend or ex does, make amends if you have to, and watch this cinematic masterpiece. It’s an unusual story start to finish and it’s clear that Zach Snyder and his film crew poured their hearts into the revival of this film. At long last, DC has fulfilled the fans’ expectations and delivered a gritty, war-like, sad, violent and complicated film with increased DC references, storylines and character introductions. It may be four hours long, but were you really going to spend that time doing homework anyway?