Indie games have been an incredibly large part of the gaming community in recent years. “Super Meat Boy,” “Binding of Isaac,” “Stardew Valley,” “Cuphead,” the list is almost endless. One indie series has managed to make a big impression lately with the third edition to its franchise. “Little Nightmares 2,” the follow-up to “Little Nightmares” and the mobile title “Very Little Nightmares,” is a prequel title following characters Mono and Six as they traverse a post-apocalyptic style city to reach a mysterious signal tower.

In short, the game was amazing. The controls are simple and effective, just like the original game, but have a tighter feel which allows for more technical inputs. Also just like the first game, “Little Nightmares 2” keeps the immersive atmosphere with its mixture of cute-looking main characters, detailed environments and horrifying enemies. Speaking of enemies, the roster of creatures to avoid was increasingly terrifying compared to the last game. From the Teacher, the Doctor and the Thin Man, each villain is tailored to their respective areas and creates constant fear as you attempt to make your way through their territory. 

The game does have one weak spot that is worth mentioning, however. While the hospital section is easily one of the most uncomfortable, it is a bit slow. For one, it features a large puzzle room similar to “The Residency” DLC of the first game, which is one of the weak points of “Little Nightmares.” You also don’t really see the doctor until the midpoint of that level, so he only has a relatively small time to shine when compared to the other enemies.

That aside, “Little Nightmares 2” is still an amazing experience. Sadly, it will also be the last game made by the original developers. If you want to experience the original vision for the series before it gets expanded further, or you simply want a fun mixture of cute and horror, this is the game for you.