With this year’s Brawl of the Wild taking place in Missoula on Saturday, Nov. 20, you may be in need of a spot in town to watch the big game. Some may prefer rooting for the Cats from the comfort of their own home, but for those who want to experience our imminent victory out in the wild, let’s go through the pros and cons of some of Bozeman’s favorite sports bars! Excluded from this list will be chain bars: we all know Buffalo Wild Wings and Old Chicago have approximately ten thousand TVs, so let’s focus on some of our uniquely Bozeman locations. Important factors will be TV visibility, quality of snacks, of-age beverage availability and overall school spirit. Without further ado:

The Molly Brown - Four Stars

The Molly Brown has been around an indeterminate amount of time, probably since most anyone can remember. Part of the Barmuda Triangle, well, I suppose now it’s the Barmuda Line Segment (rest in peace, The Scoop), The Molly is a favorite for college students and old-timers alike. There are quite a few tvs, and on non-Cat/Griz days they even feature some “off the beaten path” sports on their screens, such as Sprint Car Racing. Not only is The Molly quite spacious, but the bar itself is as well — plenty of room to throw some elbows to get a drink. Out of the spots mentioned in this list, The Molly feels the most like your classic “college dive bar.” It feels nice and cozy when you walk in, and people aren’t constantly filtering in and out like at the bars farther downtown, which makes for a bit more of a peaceful atmosphere.  The Molly boasts 26 beers on tap, and also has lots of pool tables to entertain pre-game. This one is certainly a contender for my location of choice. 

Spectator’s Bar and Grill - Five Stars

Arguably the favorite sports bar of MSU students, Spectator’s Bar and Grill is literally across the street from campus. There are TVs as far as the eye can see, and Bobcat Pride at Spec’s would be hard to match. The food selection is that perfect type of mediocre bar grub that absolutely hits the spot, and they even have sweet potato fries. Spec’s has 14 beers on tap, daily drink specials and special-er drink specials for big games. Spec’s is a no-nonsense type place, so non-sports-watching activities are slim, but there is a Big Buck Hunter cabinet for when the Cats have so much of a lead on the Griz that the game becomes boring. There’s tons of seating inside, and there are lots of corners you can tuck yourself away in if you don’t care to be in the thick of the crowd. The location being so near campus is also great for post-home-game beers to celebrate Bobcat victories. Spec’s is hard to top for a game-day locale. 

The Rocking R Bar - Four Stars

The Rocking R Bar is another Bozeman classic. Located amongst the many bars on Main Street, R Bar is a great option for watching the game as well as post-game Bobcat victory festivities. The space is quite large, and so is the bar, making it easy to get a drink. There are 20 TVs spread around the bar, so you are sure to have a great view of the game from anywhere. R Bar, I would say, is less about beer on tap, and more about drinking in general, so whatever your favorite beverage is, they probably have it. The general feel of R Bar is a bit more rowdy than the other bars mentioned here, perhaps less so during the day, but fans celebrating here are certain to get loud. During the day you can order burgers, baskets, sandwiches and salads at R Bar from Hail Mary’s, so all your mid-game hunger will be taken care of. Since R Bar is such a Bozeman and MSU classic, Bobcat Pride is taken very seriously.


The bottom line really is any place in Bozeman that has a TV will conceivably have Cat-Griz playing, so go to your favorite establishment and cheer on our Cats! Wherever or however you choose to watch The Brawl of the Wild, remember to celebrate responsibly!

If you choose to drink, here are some tips for doing it responsibly: 

  • Plan a ride home or a safe place to stay

  • Eat food before drinking

  • Count your drinks and know your drink limit

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water

  • Don’t binge drink

  • Don’t go out alone

  • Don’t leave your drink unattended

  • Don’t drink if you are under 21 years old

If you or a friend are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse or you have questions about navigating situations involving substances, the MSU Office of Health Advancement (OHA) is an excellent resource for help and keeps concerns confidential. The OHA phone number is 406-994-4380