The MSU Office of Health Advancement held “Condom Catwalk: Safer Sex Takes the Gold,” the ninth annual MSU Condom Fashion Show, on Feb. 22 in the SUB. In the show, 13 student models walked the catwalk, featuring the creations of their designers made almost entirely out of condoms. Awards were given in categories such as “Safe and Sexy” and the “People’s Choice” award was determined by applause.  

At the end of the runway, the panel of judges asked the models questions and scored their looks. This year’s panel was all students, including ASMSU president Kylar Clifton and representatives from the Voice Center, the Body Acceptance Club and the Center of Recovering Students.

“I did it mostly to verbalize how important an enthusiastic “yes” is to safe sex,” Shannon Hannaway, one of the models, said. “It’s not all about how you protect yourself physically, it’s also how you protect yourself emotionally. And how your partner should watch out for you, too.” Hannaway’s tagline for her costume was “demand respect, reign with consent.”

Sammy Clark, the lead intern of the event, said the main goal of the show is to reduce the stigma around condoms and, more broadly, sexuality in general. She said, “If people see it in costume form, it’s less awkward in real life.”

Clark said students attending or participating can “gain knowledge about safe sex and what should be valued in a healthy relationship.” This was Clark’s second year running the show, and this year she made improvements such as using a panel of student judges, adding a content committee, making sure the content was inclusive of the LGBTQ community, aligning the mission of the Voice Center and representing everybody.

Safe sex and healthy relationship information was portrayed in videos and fact cards, as well as what the models said on stage. The condom fashion show occurs every spring, and is open to all students for participation.