Bozeman’s trendy, upbeat food scene encompasses everything from down-home, southern-fried chicken at Roost to elegant appetizers at Plonk. However, one establishment criminally forgotten by food critics is truly deserving of review. The new Rendezvous Dining Pavilion, opened in 2018, offers up a uniquely fun and tasty dining experience.

Rendezvous is certainly one of our campus’ food hot spots. It is often difficult to find a place to sit during peak hours, which is evidence of the wonderful food and pleasant company you will encounter within its walls. The crush of people pushing for a chance at the hot bar of fries simply adds to the ambiance.

Rendezvous’s customers include an entrancing blend of raucous college students mixed with the occasional confused family. These patrons frequently yell at their friends on different floors of the building or scream out a variety of swear words, simply adding spice to an already wonderful meal.

Of course, the main draw of the dining pavilion is the food. At Rendezvous, you will embark on a culinary journey across at least two different types of fare, depending on the day. You can also sip on a smoothie if you arrive bright and early on a weekday. You might even be able to taste a scrumptious, feathery crepe loaded down with canned peaches if you somehow manage to nail down the correct morning to arrive at the hall. The amorphous schedule of available food brings a fun element of surprise to any trip to Rendezvous.

The meal began with a dented orange with a rich history of long-haul transportation, cold storage, and excellent care by underpaid student workers. Its sharp citrusy tones cleansed my palate as I started in on my main course: a uniquely shaped Mexican beef burrito stuffed with the finest Montana ingredients.

My first bite was a heavenly experience of canned refried beans, soggy lettuce and fatty beef. I  was initially disappointed by the lack of flavor from the guacamole and the enchilada sauce. In hindsight, had these ingredients retained any of their flavor they would have drowned out the subtle interplay of the beef and beans.It was a splendid exploration of Mexican cuisine through obviously Montanan tastes and textures.

Satisfied, I used one of Rendezvous’ custom-printed napkins to dab my lips. I selected a slice of pie from the dessert station and cheerfully dug in. Rendezvous chose to use an interesting combination of limp crust and underbaked apples, which was a bold step away from traditional apple pie. This unique take paired well with a cup of coffee. It is exactly this kind of culinary ingenuity and daring that should put Rendevous on any foodie’s radar.

Rendezvous Dining Pavilion is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great meal. From adventurers hiking or skiing the Bridger Mountains to intellectuals making their way through Bozeman’s beautiful bookstores and museums, anyone who’s grown tired of flavorful food overwhelming their taste buds can finally enjoy an establishment just for them. It’s an exquisite representation of the love and thought that goes into every aspect of MSU.

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