As Bozeman continues to expand, its diversity has also increased. A great example of this is the new dim sum restaurant that just opened up on Feb. 1, called Red Sugar Dim Sum. The restaurant is Montana’s first ever dim sum restaurant and it is right here in Bozeman.

 Dim Sum is Chinese cuisine, generally considered to be Cantonese, which means it originates from the city of Guangzhou. Red Sugar Dim Sum offers a variety of small, bite-sized portions of food, served in small steamers baskets or on a small plate. The meal is usually served with tea because of the Cantonese tradition of enjoying a cup of tea with their meals. It is seen as a full tea brunch. Although the meaning of dim sum is disputed and unclear, it is believed by many that it originated during the Eastern Jin dynasty because a general would order civilians to make buns and cakes to send to his soldiers to express gratitude after battles. 

The cuisine at Red Sugar included a traditional dim sum menu with exotic items like mango pudding, chicken feet and beef tripes (pieces of the edibles lining of various farm animals, mostly cattle and sheep). For people wanting something a little more traditional, a variety of dumplings and bun noodle rolls are available with different hot plates like curry, lemon chicken, fried rice, and Mongolian beef. Carson Dillard, a customer at the new restaurant, said the Mongolian beef was a “melt in your mouth spicy goodness.” Additionally, the restaurant is accomodating to many dietary restrictions, giving every Bozemanite the chance to eat something that they may have never eaten before. 

If you want to enjoy some delicious, homemade, home style Chinese cuisine and try some traditional Catonese food, be sure to check out Montana’s first ever dim sum restaurant at 33 W Main St in downtown Bozeman. 

Rating 8.9/10

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