In my time here as a culture writer, I’ve been given the chance to experience and review many new things. I’ve reviewed Businesses, films and now I can finally add products to the list. That being said, these won’t be the same as any “as seen on TV” products. These are items I personally enjoyed finding during my search and I hope you will find some enjoyment from them as well. This weekend, I visited Cactus Records & Gifts on Main Street in hopes of finding eclectic treasures. Here’s what I came across: 

Starting off light, there are a few nicknacks that might catch your attention. If you happen to be someone who likes tapestries and bedspreads of elaborate design, then you might find yourself pleased with the variety of bedspreads featuring elaborate Indian and Celtic designs, or perhaps Tibetan prayer flags from Nepal. 

If you are someone who likes to use incense either often or on occasion, there’s an array of products for you to find as well, including incense holders with Egyptian, Vampiric, Draconic, Entish, Zodiac and Buddhist themes to decorate your living space. Then there is the incense itself with such enticing aromas as Lavender, Wild Honey, King Cake™, Arabian Night™, Fairy Dust ™ and my personal favorite, Carmen Miranda’s Hat ™.

As a last little treat for those with a taste for the particularly odd, there’s something for you too. First off we have “Sasquatch the Gnome Wrecker,” a lawn decoration depicting the classic bigfoot stepping on a lawn gnome with its eyes popping out of its head. If not that, then maybe you’ll like Jesus candles featuring the likeness of Ron Swanson, Betty White, Bernie Sanders or even the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

It was very interesting trying to find and review whatever weird products I could find. As much as I enjoyed finding these products, I hope you might be inspired to find some joy from these random creations by going out and finding some yourself.