Working on campus has a lot of perks: a flexible schedule, an easy commute and a priority on your education. Benefits include being able to work in-between classes and a shared mindset with your employer that school comes first. There are many opportunities to work on or near campus as a student including, the Museum of the Rockies, the MSU Bookstore and the Office of Admissions.


Senior Amy Lawry and junior Eric Martin are students who have both worked at the MSU Bookstore for three years and love the flexibility that the bookstore offers. Lawry stated, “They know students' lives are hectic. They are very understanding and flexible with our schedules.” Martin added, “[Campus employers] know your schoolwork comes first. I can easily work throughout the day in between classes.” The proximity of your job to classrooms and the flexibility allowed in scheduling remains the largest benefits of working on campus for many students. 


Some campus jobs offer a unique opportunity to get real-world experience that will help boost your resumé. Chloe Wahlsdorf, an accounting major, appreciates the skills she is learning at University Business Services. “[I] get to use the skills I am learning in the classroom immediately when I go to work after class.”


Working in the Office of Admissions as a tour guide has been convenient for sophomore Leif Rowland. “[It is great] to be able to put your focus on schoolwork and then be able to make money with an extra bonus if you have free time.” 


Campus jobs pay at or above the $8.50 minimum wage for Bozeman and may pay as high as $12.00 an hour. Students are also limited to working 20 hours a week. Only working 20 hours a week is valuable for college-aged students who want to enjoy their weekends and maintain a healthy balance of school, work and friends. 


“My life isn’t consumed by work and school,” said Kaela Trang, a Smarty Cats Tutor. “I can go do fun things on the weekend like hike, snowboard or watch Netflix without worrying about having to work.” 


Campus jobs have been great for me as well. I currently have two jobs on campus, one at the MSU Bookstore and the other at the MSU Exponent. Having the ability to work when I can and not have to compromise my education has been very valuable to me as both a student and an employee. 

If you are looking for a job and don’t want to compromise your schooling or social life, working on campus is a great opportunity. You can easily find and apply for jobs at

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