Possibly the greatest, most monumental, investigative journaling piece in the Exponent’s 124-year history was just completed by Dylan Vogel, the Exponent’s senior field reporter. This past week, Vogel, armed with only pen and paper, made a bold journey to take part in the Area 51 raid.

The idea started near the beginning of the school year, when the Exponent staff decided to cover the raid. Since that time, the staff has been collecting every penny they could find to put towards this once-in-a-lifetime story. The team even rummaged through our dingy office, in which, among the countless dead flies and outdated ‘AP Style Books’, a whopping 78 cents was recovered (not including a Canadian penny). With just days before the raid and only a few dollars in the fund, Vogel’s mom stepped up to the plate and offered to drive him down if somebody could pick him back up. Without hesitation or a way to get back, Vogel took her up on the offer.

Flash forward to Thursday, Sept. 19, when Dylan arrived outside the gates to Area 51 at 10 p.m., just hours before the raid, or what was supposed to be a raid, was scheduled to begin. As people gathered, Vogel began sending transmissions back to the office. His first transmission read: “More and more people are starting to show up. I believe I have identified a gap in security. If so, I should be within the compound in minutes.” After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only 14 minutes, Vogel sent a second transmission stating that he had made it and would soon be approaching what looked like buildings off in the distance. Approximately 54 minutes later, Vogel sent another transmission indicating that he had made it into a building, and clearly, the government was hiding some sort of intelligent lifeforms inside of it. After hours of radio silence, Vogel sent his final transmission. It read: “We clappin’, fam.”

It has been six days since Vogel’s last transmission. The Exponent Staff and Vogel’s family have grown quite concerned. Both family and staff members have reached out to him with no luck. As each day becomes bleaker, our only solace is that Vogel seemed happy in his last message heard by the free world.

The Exponent reached out to President Cruzaddy for comment about Vogel’s feat. She responded with this statement:

“What MSU’s very own Dylan Vogel has just done should inspire all Bobcats. This university has sent students and projects to far-reaching places that very few people have the privilege of knowing. Faculty and students have visited Antarctica, the North Pole and remote Yellowstone locations to complete research. Heck, one of our computers is even being sent to the moon. With that said, no Bobcat has ever made it to Area 51. Well until Friday. While it is unfortunate that we have lost contact with Vogel, what he has done is worth more than gold. Dylan Vogel, you are pure platinum.”

The Exponent will make sure to keep readers informed about the matter and if anything changes. Trust us, as soon as we know, you will know. In the meantime, please keep Vogel and his family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s not very often that a Bobcat goes missing.

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