At Comedy Night, both performers and students alike let loose with their best belly laughs as comedians Becky Robinson and Jon Rudnitsky performed stand-up and improv routines. Food and drinks were provided to attendees, and alcoholic beverages from local wine bar Plonk were available to purchase for those over 21. Students gathered their mac n’ cheese and ice cream bowls, then settled down at small tables to watch as the comedians took the stage.

Becky Robinson was the first up to the plate. Robinson is a stand-up comedian who has performed on MTV’s “Wild N’ Out” and “Acting Out” programs, as well as “Laughs” on FOX. She started off the night with a set that covered subjects ranging from relationships in Los Angeles to awkward gynecological exams, to how her father told her that she was an accident. Her brash style and blunt humor never lacked for audience interest and drew plenty of laughs throughout the evening.

Robinson also incorporated several audience members into her act. At one point, she gestured toward a couple in the crowd and asked them “how long they had been getting ready to break up.” The couple retorted that they had been married for twenty years, and Robinson and the audience both broke into laughter.

Robinson was followed up by Rudnitsky, a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” for its 2015-16 season. Rudnitsky also starred in the romantic comedy “Home Again,” and recently wrapped filming for the Hulu miniseries “Catch-22.” Rudnitsky touched on his experiences as an actor, including his approach to acting out a sport that he has no idea how to play, and his love of the rodeo culture in Bozeman. Rudnitsky also included a plethora of hilarious dance routines which he believed might be holdovers from his past as a theatre major.

Rudnitsky’s self-deprecation and willingness to laugh along with the audience made his act a smashing success. Upon scratching his hand on the microphone, Rudnitsky confessed, “I injured myself. I hurt myself moving the microphone. I have one job, and it’s to know how to use the microphone. And I failed.”

The entire night of laughs and tickled funny bones seemed to go a long way to helping reduce end of semester stress. Students were able to spend a night without having to worry about deadlines or tests, all with the help of the best medicine there is: laughter. While stand-up comedy isn’t a cure-all, it certainly helps alleviate some of that late-semester student anxiety. All in all, Comedy Night provided MSU students with an upbeat and much needed outlet for their end of semester stress.