Well, it happened. Turns out that the rumors about it earlier in the year through a link that went viral from Fox News weren’t rumors at all. Montana was sold to Canada on March 18 for a whopping $4.20 trillion. This was decided on by the Trump Administration as a way to help fund the southern border wall. Trump is quoted as saying, “By generously providing Canada with Montana, we now have money to build the southern border wall, which we desperately need.”

What does this mean for MSU? Well there are going to be some changes. Fortunately, tuition in Canada is, on average, $3000 cheaper annually. Since there are no states, we would not have to worry about paying out-of-state costs for college. We would pay the same amount of tuition that Canadian citizens which is roughly 6,838 Canadian dollars for undergraduate studies as reported by www.topuniversities.com.

While our hockey team might not be as successful as it was this year, our other sports teams should improve drastically —  especially our football team, which could potentially become one of the best programs in the nation. Although the football crowds will likely be worse since the national drinking age is only 18.

Canada’s healthcare policies are not friendly to students either. We have to pay higher taxes, just in case one drunken teenager decides to jump off of a roof in order to smash a table. In fact, the average Canadian pays about CA$4,400 a year for healthcare in taxes, according to www.fraserinstitute.org. All just to make sure the people who actually use that care don’t experience financial ruin. On the plus side we’ll get to have exponentially more fun. 

Becoming Canadians is going to suck. We are all going to have to be nicer people and invite our friends over for weekend cookouts. The skiing is awful and hockey is one of the only sports to watch and the tuition is too affordable to be true. We’ll also no longer be a part of the safest countries in the world. As a matter of fact, there have only been 288 school shootings since 2009. Why did our government do this to us? Why did they abandon us to these monsters? WHY?