A couple of weeks ago, the Culture team here at the Exponent published a story about Netflix’s campaign to release new movies every week of 2021. To keep up with the trend, I watched last week’s big title, “Malcolm & Marie.” As more of a movie watcher than a movie critic, I’ll refrain from making any profound judgments as to the film’s quality or merit, and instead provide a brief summary.

“Malcolm & Marie” is ultimately a film about relationships. Malcolm (John David Washington), a film director on the verge of Hollywood stardom, and his girlfriend, Marie (Zendaya), return home from the premiere of Malcolm’s newest film and spiral into a cascade of arguments that threaten to derail their relationship. Marie is certain that his movieis based on her own life, and is frustrated that Malcolm neglected to credit her or even thank her in his speech at the premiere.

The initial argument descends into chaos. Malcolm and Marie exchange searing monologues and the film begins to feel like a boxing match with infinite rounds and no winner. Lines are crossed, hearts are broken and both parties act with childish ignorance, leaving little room for reconciliation. Zendaya and John David Washington are both fantastic in “Malcolm & Marie.” Whether or not you gravitate toward this style of movie, it is worth watching for the acting alone.

Netflix will keep the stream of content coming throughout February, including one title potentially notable to Bozemanites, the release of “Meat Eater”: Season 9 Part 2, on Wednesday, Feb. 17.