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Out searching for that chicken dinner

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“Where we droppin boys!?”


If you’ve been asked this, it was most likely through a headset while playing the popular shooter game “Player Unknown’s Battleground” (PUBG). The game, which runs on the same premise of “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” was recently released onto Xbox One in full on Sept 4. The game was available under the game preview stage for quite some time before that, and had players from all over the world flocking to it.


I, too, was one of those players as my friends pleaded and begged me to purchase and play the game with them. I finally caved in around April and have been playing the game ever since, all the way through its full release. Overall, I can say that I do appreciate what it is going for. It is a game that allows each player the same availability to weapons, meds and equipment. Each player drops from a plane flying over the map, and the game provides the opportunity to play amongst a group of your friends while searching for the elusive “chicken dinner” (when you win the game, the No. 1 team or player is given a “winner, winner, chicken dinner” message). However, as I see it, this game is anything but the type of fun that people are looking for.


The game itself can be glitchy. From lagging out and running off a roof to losing connection to the host or being kicked randomly from the game itself, the list of issues is extensive. The latter creates a sense of urged panic where you frantically load the game and attempt to get back in before being killed by another player or dying to the “blue zone” (the damaging area of the game that continuously shrinks in order to force players together). Another common game snafu includes guns randomly deciding to change their firing mode which, if you have played the game, can be frustrating if you meet an enemy player with your gun on single fire only to be dispatched with haste and forced to start a new match.


Now, I won’t entirely trash the game as I have had fun while playing it, but this comes from playing with my friends, which does make the game more enjoyable. When you are playing with the boys (or girls), nothing is more fun than to get that final kill and take home the chicken dinner. But this is honestly where the fun of the game ends.


When you are flipping through games to play on your Xbox One, I only recommend PUBG if you are playing with a few friends and are willing, nay, patient enough to wade through the countless server and connection errors. All in all, the chicken really isn’t worth the cooking time.


Overall score 5/10