Life is about the journey and, for MSU student Claire Lewinski, what a journey it’s been. Diagnosed with a brain injury after a series of traumatic concussions, Lewinski decided the best way to cope and to help others cope with similar situations was to share her story with the world. In her book titled, “I Need a Walk,” Lewinski brings us into her life and tells us how she managed to recover, learn and prove her doctors wrong. 

It all started when she was diagnosed, a moment that would change her life forever. “I was told by my doctors that I may never be the same,” Lewinski shared in an interview with the Exponent. “I thought that was unacceptable.”So, to show the doctors otherwise, Lewinski did what any person would do in a similar situation: backpack through the South Island of New Zealand. This gave her not only a great experience but a wonderful story to tell (which is just what she did). 

In August of this year, Lewinski’s book will be available throughout the U.S. at Barnes and Noble, online and anywhere you might find an eBook. “I Need a Walk” originally started as a way to heal, and allowed her to “start working with deadlines and computers again.” On a bigger scale, Lewinski said “writing about [her] life has put it all in perspective,” so that she can step back and look at the bigger picture. “It made it real and also gave me a way to progress through it all,” Lewinski said. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Lewinski or her story, keep an eye out for “I Need a . 

Walk,” this August. If you want to support Claire’s goal or learn more about her writing and publishing journey, visit her IndieGogo page at  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-need-a-walk-by-claire-lewinski#/