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"The Cat in the Hat" is better with age

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While channel surfing over Thanksgiving break, I came across “The Cat in the Hat” featuring Mike Myers, Dakota Fanning and Alec Baldwin. As I was watching, I began to realize what an amazing movie it really was. We all know the story of “The Cat in the Hat”: a mischievous Cat visits a couple of kids who are alone at home and tries to help them have a fun day but, eventually, ends up destroying the house. In the end, the Cat, as well as his friends Thing 1 and Thing 2, come back with various cleaning devices and repair the home in an astoundingly unrealistic amount of time — restoring everything to its natural order.

I remember being a kid and reading “The Cat in the Hat” and falling in love with the way Dr. Seuss wrote. When I heard about the movie coming out, I had to see it. The first time I watched it, honestly, I was disappointed. I thought it wasn’t all that good. It just seemed like it was cheaply done. The animation felt weird, the Cat seemed off, the characters didn’t mesh and nothing about it felt like the story I had read. I also didn’t find the jokes to be all that funny and I didn’t quite understand Mike Myers’ humor at the time.

This time around, surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie. It felt nostalgic and managed to take me back to my childhood. Plus, this time around I found myself laughing along. I could appreciate Mike Myers, his style of comedy and why he was the perfect choice to play the Cat. As a whole, the movie became funnier with age now that I understand all the innuendos.

“The Cat in the Hat” was supposedly made for an audience that spanned all ages. Our parents and grandparents all loved Dr. Seuss, and many of us read his stories as children. The movie, however, was geared much more heavily towards an older audience. There were many jokes that only adults would really understand, and only a few for kids. As a whole, “The Cat in the Hat” surprised me with its decidedly more mature take on the original material.

Of all the movies that I have watched recently, it was only “The Cat in the Hat” that was able to make me both feel like kid again and crack me up with its more adult humor. If you’re bored one night and looking to fill some time, give “The Cat in the Hat” a chance. You might like it more than you expect.