Knife Bistro is a veteren owned, locally sourced breakfast and lunch establishment located in downtown Bozeman. Knife Bistro takes all the comfort food of home and turns it into elegant, high-quality dining. What stands out about Knife Bistro is the price. The breakfast sandwich is by far the best deal on the menu. For $10, diners can get the egg sandwich, made with scallions, sharp cheddar cheese and a Sriracha aioli, that is to die for. Diners can add their choice of a sausage patty, bacon, ham or turkey. In typical Bozeman fashion, they have a vegan option where you can add avocado, for no extra charge. Included in the price, is a 16oz. drip coffee and a fruit bowl! That would easily cost you $15 at any other high-quality breakfast restaurant in Bozeman. For lunch, there is a wide variety of sandwich options, both hot and cold. Some favorites are the Knife B.L.T, grilled cheese and the caprese sandwich. For those of you who may not know what a Caprese sandwich is, it is an Italian sandwich with a tomato and basil base topped with lettuce and mozzarella cheese. It will soon become your new favorite sandwich.  

Besides an amazing menu and great ambiance, Knife also has a unique pay it forward system. Customers can go into the bistro and pay for a meal. Knife will put the receipt from that order on a board and other customers can go and see what orders have been paid forward, bring the receipt to the counter then order that food for free. How awesome is that? 

Knife Bistro has amazing food and wonderful atmosphere. The staff are great and super nice to anyone that comes in. Next time you want to go out to breakfast or want to pick up food on your way to Bridger, consider Knife Bistro located on Main and Rouse. For more information, you can visit their website at


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