Cold War Kids, an indie-rock band from Long Beach, California, held their first show out of a four-part virtual tour on Saturday, Oct. 10. The live concert started at 7 p.m. MDT and celebrated the 14th anniversary of the group’s debut album, “Robbers and Cowards.” The band’s Saturday performance was the first time they played “Robbers and Cowards” in full, playing every song off of the 2006 album. In a post on Twitter, the band said, “first night of our virtual tour. we can’t wait. grab some wine and join us.”

This year has obviously been a difficult one for live music. All the summer festivals were canceled or moved to an online format, which is not the same experience as live concerts. Summer is my favorite season because I get to experience a plethora of live music. I am from Seattle, one of the music capitals of the world, which has given the world bands like “Pearl Jam,” “Soundgarden,” “Alice in Chains” and “Foo Fighters.” These bands play a huge role in the greater Seattle community and help create opportunities for up-and-coming musicians and bands. Although this was a virtual event, seeing and hearing any band perform live is still exhilarating. Hoping they play your favorite song so you can stand up and scream takes you to a place where you can forget your current troubles. The Cold War Kids provided this temporary escape from reality that many fans, including myself, needed. 

The band’s virtual tour created a sense of normalcy for music lovers all over the world, providing an outlet for those who planned to buy or already bought tickets for concerts and festivals that have been canceled or postponed indefinitely. While this was a low-budget show with lower production value, that didn’t take away from the emotions that exuded from every member of the band. If you are like me and are missing concerts, the Cold War Kids offer a good live music fix. If indie-rock is not your jam, Google to see if your favorite artists are doing anything to virtually connect with their fans. 

Tickets for the remaining three shows each cost $15 and can be purchased at https://www.coldwarkids.com/. The group’s next show will feature songs from New Age Norms 1 & 2 to celebrate the release of their most recent studio album NAN2. 

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