When people think of  the Greek letters “Chi Alpha” (XA), they group the on-campus ministry in with the fraternities and sororities at MSU, unknowingly calling the group “the Christian frat.” However, Chi Alpha isn’t even close to a typical college fraternity. It’s a ‘fraternity’ or fellowship of students that seek and follow Jesus. Their name is Greek because the New Testament of the Bible is written in that language. The letters “XA” symbolize a reminder that they are Christ Ambassadors, as the letter “Chi” in Greek translates to “Christ.” 


The Chi Alpha house at 1212 S. 6 Ave. doubles as a place of worship and residency, in which students gather for meals, Bible study groups, games and other activities. The students that live in the house are separated by gender, with men on the first floor and women on the second. Tim “Timbo” Anderson, the Campus Director and pastor of XA, gives sermons in the house every Tuesday night about everything from parables told by Jesus to dating from a biblical perspective. Anderson takes a real, relatable approach to the word of God at his sermons, and he makes going to a Tuesday night service feel like hanging out with friends. 


Jack Lord has been attending Chi Alpha sermons for almost four years and is now beginning his internship year with the ministry. “Before COVID[-19], we would always be here at the Chi House, and people would always trickle in,” Lord said. “We’d start with a worship song and a greeting, and then about 15-20 minutes of worship music. Then we would transition into a bit of time for fellowship.” The house has adapted to the times to accommodate the challenges presented by COVID-19. Lord continued, “This year, we’ve shortened [sermons] to 15-minute[s]...” Lord said. “Afterward, people still like to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to maintain the sense of community, and sometimes we’ll hop in the backyard and play volleyball.”


Socially distanced sermons led by various Chi Alpha staff members are being held at the Chi Alpha house, SUB Ballrooms B and C and Gaines 43 at 7:55 p.m. every Tuesday.  

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