Bridger Bowl University (BBU), MSU’s true collegiate competitor, has decided to extend its ski season through April 8 due to a recent surge in snowfall. While your peers may be elated about the news, know that this is bad for the hometown campus here in Bozeman. Statistics released yesterday from Gallup show that on days in which BBU is open, MSU experiences a 12 percent drop in attendance when compared to days when it is closed. This leads to lower grades among students, plummeting MSU’s national collegiate ranks.


Here are the facts: less than 50 percent of students that enroll in a bachelor's degree program at MSU graduate within six years. Why? Because too many students are drawn to the phenomenal deal of a first class education at BBU instead. Who could blame them? Annual tuition at MSU is over $24,000 for an out-of-state student, yet the annual tuition prices at BBU are a mere $775 for a young adult no matter what state you come from. That’s about one-thirty-first the cost of MSU’s tuition. Not to mention that BBU’s ski patrol faculty is world-class, with years of experience in fields including avalanche awareness and prevention, CPR/first aid and toboggan handling.


It is imperative that you don’t let the appeal of BBU influence you to skip class here at MSU or, even worse, transfer schools. It may have impeccable terrain, amazing faculty and low cost of attendance, but BBU can’t teach you the vital knowledge required for real-world success that MSU can, such as knowing the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, the quadratic formula or why we have to consider Odysseus a hero even though he slaughtered innocent maids upon his return to Ithaca.


Here’s the bottom line: Boycott BBU. Have some pride for your homeboys here in Bozeman instead of those ski bums up there in the mountains. Study hard in your classes instead of skipping them to ski the cold smoke. Together we can raise MSU’s graduation rates and increase GPAs, thereby elevating MSU’s national ranks so that actual smart people will want to come to school here. With your help, we can make MSU great again.