Spring skiing is a time when passholders and enthusiasts gather to say farewell to the winter season. It’s typically the time when fun festivities commence to honor the sport in fun ways and celebrate the end of another great season. Traditionally celebrated at Big Sky is the annual Pond Skim, but this year, Bridger Bowl is hosting their own end-of-the-season hurrah: a Jerry Competition. For those who are not familiar with skier/snowboarder lingo, here’s the Webster definition: Jerry: (noun) a person who cluelessly hits the slopes with full send. More adventurous than the average gaper. Typically skis in jeans. ‘Dude 1: Yo,did you see that Jerry send it in the halfpipe? Dude 2: Bruh, took ski patrol an hour to clean that mess up.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 7, a day before the mountain will tentatively close. The competition will be set up as an obstacle course in the Terrain Park, complete with medical professionals close by in anticipation of injured Jerrys. Bridger is looking for Jerrys in Bozeman to sign up and take part in this event. The contest is open to those 18+ and costs $35 to enter. All are welcome to attend and watch the fun starting at 2:30 p.m. For more information about the competition (or to sign up), visit www.bridgerbowluniversity.gov.

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