Montana’s largest university, MSU, has maintained record-enrollment numbers each year. As such, they have recently established an additional placement test as part of the application process for incoming students. Beginning next fall, prospective freshmen must pass an outdoors test to determine if they are outdoorsy enough to attend MSU. Since MSU is known as a mountains and minds institution, the school must put a limit on the students wanting to attend. MSU has maintained that they need to keep the “Bros-man” culture thriving, and not let beachy California and recycling Washington types make Bozeman the next Portland.

In this new plan, MSU has required that the test consist of four areas in which incoming students must be proficient. To pass the test, they must successfully complete a V6 bouldering problem, walk a 100 foot slackline, run the College M (the harder route) in under 5 minutes and ski a line down Schlasman’s Lift. They will not be accepted if they complete two or three of the four-- they must pass all sections to become a Bobcat. To be fair, are they even outdoorsy enough to fit in here if they ski double diamonds, but can’t flash a sandbagged V6? Maybe they should consider a different school.



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