MSU’s duck pond is kept warm year-round in order to provide the best quality of life possible to the large population of ducks who call it home. The funding for the ducks’ lavish lifestyle comes directly from out-of-state tuition, according to MSU’s recent financial release. Out-of-state students pay roughly twice as much for the same education as in-state students, and this extra money is used for programs like the duck pond, the new Abe Lincoln statue and anti-Griz campaigns, all of which greatly enhance the MSU experience.

The Big White Farm Duck, the duck population’s representative, said the duck pond funding “is entirely necessary for us and for the students of MSU. We add a great deal of cuteness to campus, which is definitely a stress reliever for the students.” The Big White Farm Duck also asked for students to stop feeding the ducks bread, as carbs make it difficult to attain their summer bods, especially with mating season right around the corner. 

MSU is thinking about spotlighting a different out-of-state student each week to recognize those who made the duck pond possible. This new initiative is expected to begin in fall, 2018.

Duck Pond

Bills, bills, bills. Photo by Colter Peterson