After the popular video site YouTube banned videos that teach viewers how to modify guns and weapon accessories, gun-lovers are taking a stand by moving their content to PornHub, a site infamously known for its pornography.

Karl Kasarda and Ian McCollum of InRangeTV, a gun review site, are insisting they won’t be seeking reimbursement from PornHub, but are questioning where their safe space is. “We’re just trying to educate the public on our God-given right to bear arms,” McCollum said when interviewed. “Now we can’t share our content on YouTube because some video slipped onto the kids’ channel,” McCollum continued, referring to YouTube Kids, the company’s app for children.  

Not only are safe space locations being questioned, but those managing gun channels are fearful. With YouTube finalizing all changes by April 20, those associated with these videos are insisting the transitional period is not long enough. Video maker Joerg Sprave responded that “Many gun channels are afraid,” when asked what the worst part of YouTube’s ban would be. “Our rights as citizens of the United States are being pulled out from under our feet,” Sprave insisted.

Thankfully, gun bloggers have more than one outlet where they can transfer their content, as Facebook will be another popular option for those forced off YouTube. Facebook, gun bloggers have been assured, will publicize all step-by-step videos on “how to make your own bump stock” and ensure they remain viewable, as they comply fully with the company’s community standards.

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