In a move that shocked many, athletic director Elvis Costello announced some shocking coaching moves on Monday, March 26. In what will surely be the only move of this kind ever by an athletic department at an NCAA accredited university, Costello announced that he will be rotating the head coaches around to different sports in order to encourage more winning strategies across MSU athletics.

When asked what prompted the sudden change, Costello was quoted saying, “We have tremendous coaches here at MSU, but we haven’t seen the success we want. So, we’re experimenting with how each coach does with other sports. I mean, there can’t be that big of difference in coaching volleyball compared to football.”

The coaching carousel will include four different sports and their respective coaches. Head football coach Chet Jacket will be moving to the volleyball team, where head volleyball coach Jan Dones will be moving to men’s basketball to serve as head coach. Tasha Binchevy, current women’s head coach for basketball, will be testing her guts out on the gridiron taking over the football coaching duties. Ryan Trout will not be moving much, but will transfer to coaching the women’s basketball team.

A rumor has run through the departments at MSU which may see WWE superstar Gregg Giantforty taking on a role inside athletics as the permanent strength coach for all teams. With a rising tide of competitiveness across the NCAA, this move will surely be bang or bust as every Bobcat fan will be left wondering, “do they take us for fools?”

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