As Halloween approaches, a number of events will be taking place to provide scares for the season and teach the community a little about the history of Bozeman and the surrounding area in the process. While haunted houses have been popular in Bozeman for a while, some of the local museums and historical organizations have thrown their hats in the ring to give locals the scares while staying true to the history, revealing that the truth can be just as frightening. 

One of these upcoming events is the Haunted Mountain Theater at the Museum of the Rockies. This show aims to blend the history and folklore of the Rocky Mountains into an interactive and educational night to celebrate the past. This is a multimodal production that uses the planetarium with live actors to bring history to life. The night will close with a lantern tour of the Tinsley House along with other interactive activities to highlight the past and culture of Bozeman as well as the surrounding region. This program will only be available during the last two weekends of October with tickets costing $16 a person. 

Another way to reach the ghosts is through the Extreme History Project, a local nonprofit that shares Bozeman’s past through a number of walking tours and other events. They provide walking tours of Bozeman year round and offer a number of special events in October to feature the darker parts of history. On Friday, Oct. 15, a self-guided walking tour called “History After Dark” will allow one to explore the past by “walk[ing] the dark streets of downtown Bozeman, hearing tales of horrific murders, gruesome hangings, and salacious madams from the mouths of the dead themselves” according to the Extreme History Project’s website. 

The options to get out in the community aren’t only limited to stories of the past. Going to a local maze, whether it is the Bozeman Maze or the Montana Corn Maze, is another great way to celebrate the season. The maze design changes every year with several games, and hay rides are also available at both locations. This is a great way to get out in the community while having a day of joy, frustration and triumph. 

Bozeman offers many ways for the public to celebrate the terrors and festivities of the Halloween season through stories of the past, walking tours and local mazes.