Calling all Bobcat fans: There is a new way to celebrate Montana State football any day, any week, any month of the year. MSU and Harrington Pepsi Company recently announced the release of Gold Rush Huckleberry Lemonade. “This new beverage combines two great Montana traditions: the Bobcat Gold Rush game and wild huckleberries. We’re thrilled that we’ve achieved our goal to create a unique beverage that keeps the Gold Rush spirit alive all year long” explained Jim Bennett, vice president of Harrington Pepsi. This new refreshment will be available in soda fountains across campus, as well as for sale in the MSU bookstore, and select grocery and convenience stores in Bozeman.

To market this product to the university campus, over 2,000 plastic bottles of Gold Rush Huckleberry Lemonade were distributed on the main stretch of campus on Thursday, Sept. 5, ahead of the annual Gold Rush game. Students who passed by were thrilled to find some relief on a hot day with a free, refreshing drink. Evan Ulrichs, a senior at MSU, said that upon seeing the coolers of free lemonade, he thought “Cool! A free drink on the mall! What an awesome idea for a hot day!” While most students enjoyed the free drink, others reminded MSU the importance of reducing plastic waste. “Sad to see all this plastic waste when we live in a beautiful area,” commented one student on the MSU Instagram.  

Whether or not you thought the marketing was effective, it is true that this new beverage has been a hit around campus, and the beverage received plenty of attention at the Gold Rush game this past weekend.

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