Have you ever taken a tour of the SUB? The first floor houses the rec center and the second floor is where everyone congregates to eat food and do homework. But what about the third floor? Yes, it does exist, and it is home to several underused and underappreciated resources and divisions at MSU. Situated two doors from the Women’s Center and right next to the Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons sits the Exponent office in room 366.

The Exponent has been MSU’s student-led newspaper since 1895 and started two years after MSU opened its doors in 1893. The newspaper is comprised of four sections: news, sports and outdoors, opinion and culture. When working at the Exponent, writers get a chance to delve into topics that interest them while editors work to make their articles print-worthy. The Exponent is also funded by the students. Full-time students are required to pay the ASMSU fee— a portion of which goes toward funding the Exponent.

A typical week at the Exponent is unlike any other. There are multiple days where it all feels like chaos and then days where it all comes together. Every Wednesday night is production night. The editors furiously edit the articles while struggling to make sense of the AP style.  Every five minutes, they are distracted by conversations of how haunted the SUB is or whether or not the staff believes in aliens—which is a yes, without a doubt.

The Exponent team puts a lot of effort into bringing relevant articles to the student body. The newspaper is dedicated to being a resource for all things MSU as well as a look at what is happening in the Bozeman community. If not the Box Text or the Tall Tales & Tidbits, the best part about the Exponent is the collaborative effort and brainstorming of ideas which later turn into a full-fledged edition every week. New editions are on stands both on-and off-campus every Thursday, so be sure to grab one and peruse it at your leisure. And beware, every spring the Exponent releases its most-read issue of each year, the April Fools’ Excrement edition. All satire and all fun, this group of writers know how to have a sense of humor. Lastly, the Exponent is hiring writers in all sections. If you are interested in applying, please email ExponentEditor@montana.eduwith a resume, cover letter and writing samples. The Exponent is looking forward to hearing from you.