In the library, one often hears business and engineering students complaining that there is no room in their program-designated building for them to do their work. With their spacious study rooms, a large quantity of windows, and wildly comfortable chairs, both Jake Jabs Hall and Norm Asbjornson Hall rapidly fill up during the day with caffeinated and determined students seeking a spot to burrow down and grind through their assignments. Let’s hit the streets (buildings) and interview students found studying in Jabs and Norm to hear their opinions on the matter.


Name: Anastasia Cybulski

Year: Senior

Program: Business Management

Question: Do you study in Jabs often?

Answer: Typically, I like to get to school early and work on my homework in Jabs before class.

Question: How do you feel about students who are not in the Business program using Jabs as a study space?

Answer: I’m fine with it, I don’t even notice who is working on business-related assignments and who’s not.

Name: Katelyn Henningsen 

Year: Junior

Program: Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Question: Do you frequently study in Jabs?

Answer: Yes, I have a class in Jabs.  I normally study in the library or in Gaines Hall, but if I am early to class I will study in Jabs.

Name: Garrett Paakkonen 

Year: Senior

Program: Business Management 

Question: Do you spend a lot of time studying in Jabs?

Answer: The majority of my time on campus is spent doing my homework in Jabs.

Question: How do you feel about students who are not in the Business program using Jabs as a study space?

Answer: It’s kind of weird. If you are taking a business class there is no problem with it, but it would be weird for an engineering student to roll over to this building and study in it when there’s the library in the center of campus. But if you sign up and you go through all the steps to get a study room then I don’t see a problem with it. 


Name: Austin Pliley

Year: Sophomore

Program: Conservation Biology and Ecology

Question: Why are you studying in Norm?

Answer: I have a class in Gaines Hall in about an hour but I find Norm to be a nicer study space.

Question: Have you ever gotten any comments about studying in Norm Asbjornson despite not being an Engineering student?

Answer: I haven’t had anyone say anything to me, yet.

Name: David Rodriguez 

Year: Junior

Program: Physics

Question: Do you study in Norm often?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you have classes that meet in Norm?

Answer: No. None. I’ve never had a class in this building, ever.

Question: So why do you study here?

Answer: I love how open the space is and that there are boards everywhere. It’s fun to throw up a high level physics question on the board and leave it there for engineering students to be puzzled by.

Name: Halle Priddy

Year: Junior

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Question: Do you study in Norm often?

Answer: I study here and work in a lab here. I’m here every day.

Question: How do you feel about non-engineering majors hanging out in Norm?

Answer: It makes sense. The Honors College is here, so the third floor naturally has students of all disciplines. Intermingling can be odd but also really nice. A lot of other buildings are subdivided by certain programs, and so you’ll never see a big population of the school that doesn’t share your major, and I think that is really unfortunate.

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