Lucas Oelkers and Isabella Roccisano

ASMSU President and Vice President-elect Lucas Oelkers and Isabella Roccisano smile for a photo in front of Montana Hall. 

Lucas Oelkers and Isabella Roccisano were elected ASMSU president and vice president for the 2022-23 school year in last week’s general election with 60.3% of the vote. Oelkers is a junior in mechanical engineering with a minor in math. Roccisano is a junior in political science and sociology with a minor in business administration. They spoke to the Exponent about their campaign’s success:

How does it feel to be the new president and vice president of ASMSU?

Oelkers:“It feels awesome. I am so excited to work with the students and professional staff at ASMSU. Everybody is so driven, kind and easy to be around.”

Roccisano:It’s great. The Office of Student Engagement draws really amazing people and encompasses a wide variety of projects, and I am so excited to learn more about all of them.”


What do you most look forward to in your new roles?

Oelkers: “I look forward to being in a position where I can actually amplify students' voices to administrators and strengthen the environment on campus of every student feeling welcomed at MSU. At the end of the day, the celebration is over and I’m excited to push forward with some of our campaign promises, which included getting off-campus food within the SUB and finally getting to work.” 

Roccisano: “I look forward to getting to work on the items that Lucas and I discussed throughout our campaign. Additionally, I am excited to build relationships within the Office of Student Engagement and work to support the projects that our teams and staff members are working on.”


What do you think set you apart from the other campaigns?

Oelkers: “First off, I have major respect for our opponents in the primary elections, Daniel Occhipinti and Coleman Neher. These two put forward an honest campaign, and I look forward to seeing what they do in the future, which might be another campaign. What sets me and Bella apart from the other campaigns was simply experience. I have been within ASMSU since my sophomore year and Bella was a senator this last year. We both know what ASMSU can and can’t get done, and we campaigned on those major things that ASMSU can do, and we know that we can complete them.”

Roccisano: “Both of the executive campaigns this year were based on the same core of ideas-making life better for MSU students. Dan and Cole put forth a great campaign based on ideas that resonated with the student body. At the end of the day, what set the two campaigns apart was Lucas and I’s experience in and knowledge of ASMSU. We are already in the loop about existing projects, so we are ready to pick those up as well as get started on our own.”

2,152 students cast ballots this spring with a voter turnout of 14%. Twenty senators were also elected to fill seats for colleges across campus. Results can be viewed at