After last year’s success, MSU’s Diversity Symposium returned this year to showcase people from minority and marginalized groups. According to MSU, the Symposium is made to “create a space and time that recognizes, validates and appreciates all the services, research and knowledge offered at MSU and in the Bozeman Community.” The event took place on March 27 and consisted of 17 different events and speeches.

These events included a presentation on changing the way culture is taught in the classroom by Sonja Benton and a presentation titled “How to be a Good Ally” by five different representatives from different student groups affiliated with marginalized groups, among others. The keynote speech was given by Lady Brion, a poet and activist who’s performed around the world.

The events were split into different sections and rotated on an hourly basis. The first was the breakout session, which included presentations, art, poetry, speeches and panels that occurred just after the opening notes. The second was the lunch and keynote speech with Brion. After which was another two sections, the closing notes and a call to action.

Given the success of the symposium and the positive response from students in both sign-ups for breakouts and overall attendance, it seems likely that MSU will hold another Symposium next year. Students are encouraged to sign up for breakout sessions each year. For more events like this, see