In today’s political, social and economic climate, it is more important than ever to be engaged and informed on current affairs. To help MSU students and community members learn more about how to combat relevant issues, MSU is instigating two new courses that will allow engagement and insight offered for this semester.

MSU will be hosting a four-week, not-for-credit course led by Kristen Intemann, Ph.D., entitled “Calling B.S.: How Do We Believe Responsibly?” Its purpose is to allow participants to broaden their horizons by learning more about societal issues. Topics of discussion include concerns related to climate change, vaccinations, politics and immigration. The course, however, is not limited to these topics and will be a forum for discussion rather than a simple spewing of facts.

The course will encourage participants to think critically on current issues, allow engagement in respectful dialogue and address misleading evidence. Since the course is open to all MSU students and community members, it is specifically designed for students of various backgrounds and viewpoints, to allow those with differing opinions to respectfully engage with their classmates. The course will meet Monday evenings from March 25 to April 15. The class is $29 for MSU students and $79 for community members.

In addition to “Calling B.S.”, MSU will also be offering a course called “Planning and Investing For Your Retirement.” It will be open to enrolled students and community members. Taught by Ed Tompkins, long-time financial advisor and retirement specialist, the course will discuss the importance of investing and why the economic climate scene right now is challenging for investments. The goal of the course is to teach participants the main priorities for investing and retirement planning. Additionally, participants will learn how to determine retirement starting points and destinations to better understand retirement goals. Students will also assess the housing market and learn ways to reduce living costs.

The course is particularly aimed towards those looking to retire in the near future, but is also beneficial and encouraged for anyone curious in learning more about finance. This course will run every Tuesday evening from March 26 until April 16. The cost for the course is $79 for all participants. For more information or to register for either course, please visit This webpage has links to all of the personal enrichment courses offered by MSU