MSU has introduced a never-before-seen concept for athletic activity. Dubbed “The Open Sky Fitness Center,” the newest addition to the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center (MHFC) has been nothing short of a smash. Once university officials discovered MSU students were growing tired of exercising and engaging in physical activity in a stuffy building built in the 70s, they took matters into their own hands. The roofs of the North and South Gyms in the original MHFC were removed to allow more breathability and ventilation. Additionally, MSU had the goal of being the first university to introduce such an avant-garde concept for the gyms.

Students were very surprised to see the Open Sky Fitness Center come to fruition in just a matter of minutes. Realistically, the creation of the new fitness complex was quite a simple undertaking. The key component of its design was solely to remove the roofs of the old gyms. The removal came as quite a shock to students; however, MSU administration had been planning the creation of the Open Sky Fitness Center for an undisclosed but lengthy period of time.

Members of MSU administration have said the cause of the roof failure in the fitness center can be attributed to heavy snow weighing down the older building. In reality, the university is using this explanation to collect insurance money to open the new, first-of-its-kind Open Sky Fitness Center. The Open Sky Fitness Center is still in the beginning stages of business and is not open at this time.

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