Cradled in the main hallway of the SUB, the Exit Gallery is currently unveiling its newest exhibit of the year: “Pollinating Crops.” Entrancing upon entering, the walls are decorated and divided by three series, each depicting a delicate story inspired by the life and experiences of Megan Hansen, a senior in photography. “My work is an exploration. I would like for these works to encourage viewers to reflect on themselves and juxtapose their dispositions with mine,” Hansen shared on a plaque framed in thin gold. The exhibit comprises of autobiographical work she has completed at MSU.

The artist in the spotlight, Megan Hansen, is originally from Denver. She is not only pursuing a degree in photography but a minor in art history, as well as a business certificate. Her primary focus is on conceptual portraiture and fashion based photography. Continuing to do what she loves to do and getting out into the career field is Hansen’s vision as an upcoming graduate this spring.

Two of the series are named and explained in writing framed by golden squares while the third is left without explanation. Yet, Hansen says it is this third series where the name for the exhibition stems. Predominantly related to each other by the topic of the human condition, each series is also visually unalike. Hansen’s pieces were created through gum printing, collage work and experimental processes. When asked about what inspired her, she replied that it was the “experiences of the people close around me, books, music and self-discovery.”

Jessica Hays, the director of Arts and Exhibits for ASMSU and the Office of Student Engagement, is excited about the first exhibit of the semester. According to Hays, the Exit Gallery is “completely student-run, displaying artwork made by alumni and students as well as two visiting artists a year.”

“Pollinating Crops”will be featured in the Exit Gallery until Feb. 1. Everyone is invited to the reception on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 5 p.m. for the opportunity to meet Megan Hansen and enjoy her work.

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