To be comfortable in an uncomfortable position is a life skill no one can learn without practice. Taking part in the Marine Corps Officer Program while working towards a college degree is one way students at MSU and across the country can learn this life skill. The program endows individuals with unique leadership skills and tremendous responsibilities that will change them forever.

Captain John Schoberl IV, recruiting officer for the majority of the northwestern U.S., explains that this program is for “anyone who has a passion to lead; to be a part of something bigger than themselves. No individuals are not suited for this program, you just need a passion for service.” Officers are left with skills, experiences, and life lessons valuable to employers. Only 1% of the American population decides to serve in the military, and only 1% of those initial 1% go on to become Marine Corps Officers.

Currently, nine MSU students are going through the program, and there is room for more. Backgrounds, year in school, and plans after college all differ amongst these individuals. Captain Schoberl IV complimented the Bozeman platoon for having exceptional comradery. Although they are undertaking the program right now, their everyday life looks the same as any other student. Unlike ROTC, where there are consistent requirements such as early mornings or group trainings, the focus of the Marine Corps Officer Program is on academics first, alongside a physical training regimen. By the end of the program, ROTC students and USMC students come out with the exact same officer ranking.

The students who want to take part must be within 18-28 years of age, a citizen of the United States, able to pass a physical examination, attend and graduate Officer Candidates School (OCS), and a full-time student or have a bachelor's degree. After the program concludes, three years of active service or five years of inactive service are required. If choosing an aviation option, the requirement is eight years of active status. At the beginning of the process, an Officer Selection Officer helps students decide from three commissioning programs: Ground, Aviation, or Law.

 Captain Schoberl IV encourages students to consider this opportunity with the idea in mind that “change is forever; once a Marine, always a Marine.” 

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