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Joseph Lee Ventura

Joseph Ventura

A 60-year-old Helena man is charged with stalking two groundskeepers working at Warren Elementary School.

Joseph Lee Ventura is charged with felony stalking and misdemeanor stalking.

On July 17, law enforcement responded to reports of a man who allegedly approached two groundskeepers mowing at Warren Elementary School and attempting to follow them as they fled into the school building. A separate party told police that the defendant was following both the victims around the school and tried to open multiple doors of the building while they were inside.

A deputy made contact with the defendant, who allegedly told the deputy that he didn't know why law enforcement had been called. Ventura allegedly told police he regularly walks around the school and park. 

Ventura denied following them and said he was just trying to get water. 

All charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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