Taylor Blossom, alongside running-mate Sophia Elias, has been reelected as ASMSU president after securing 1,092 votes. Blossom and Elias beat out opposition Courtney Stutheit and Justin Johnson, who earned 616 votes. There were 1,887 total votes cast this election, only 12 percent of the MSU student population.


The senator-elects from each college are:

College of Agriculture:

Ben Roeder, 153 votes

College of Arts & Architecture:

Amelia Fountain, 98 votes

College of Business:

Kaitlyn Reiman, 84 votes

August Thompson, 65 votes

College of Education, Health & Human Development:

Danielle Antelope, 88 votes

Stella Ryan, 66 votes

College of Engineering:

Ambika Murali, 333 votes

Margaret Davies, 317 votes

Joshua Brown, 200 votes

Connor Morrison, 196 votes

College of Letters & Science:

Allison Reinhardt, 255 votes

Anne Parker, 201 votes

Lauren O’Neill, 184 votes

Meriwether Schroeer-Smith, 170 votes


Kacie Cummings, 669 votes

Sheridan Johnson, 579 votes

Rachel Schmidt, 558 votes

Due to an administrative issue, ASMSU will host a tie-breaker vote for the At-Large and College of Letters and Sciences (CLS) senatorial candidates. The general election ballot listed the At-Large candidates with five eligible seats and CLS with four. In actuality, At-Large should have four seats and CLS five. ASMSU’s Supreme Court precedent states that such an error requires a special election for results within a 50-vote margin to resolve the seats in question.

The candidates eligible for the CLS special election are Silas Teasdale, Cameron Graves, Kaya Patten. The candidates eligible for At-Large are Kaleb Chambers and Brad Tucker.

The special election will be decided before the 2019-20 Senate is installed on April 18 when ASMSU will host their last senate meeting of the academic year. Any questions about the special election or results may be brought to Marianne Brough, Alex, or __ at the Office of Student Engagement.