Reducing stress, relaxing and healing might sound like a dream as the semester and snow continue to bury what spare time there once was. Reiki, a Japanese-style energy practice based on the idea of transferring energy through one’s palms, was quite a topic to take a bite out of during the Sack Lunch Seminar on Wednesday, Jan. 30. Put on by the MSU Women’s Center, students and faculty were invited to spend lunch discussing this ancient art of healing. Jolene Little, RN, Casey Krohn and community members led the gathering as Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioners who restore health by sharing a universal energy through active participation with others.

The International Center for Reiki training delineates that Holy Fire Reiki is a relatively new form of practice focused on a higher level of conscious with gentle, yet powerful benefits. The locals also gave a demonstration of this alternative medicine and introduced the audience to a method of meditation. This Reiki exercise has been known to remove worry which fills one with safety alongside an abundance of other comforts.

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