With the ASMSU elections approaching and the Diversity Symposium on March 27 shining light on all the various clubs and identities MSU represents, there was one group of people glaringly missing: vegans. From all the food that is available on campus, vegan options are noticeably underrepresented, a minority of all foods. Following the diet-verse range of clubs and people that were presented at the diversity symposium, MSU’s vegan club, Flourish on Vegetation (FOV), who’s club slogan is “You are SALAD GOLD,” has decided it’s time to bring their food to campus.

As a result, FOV has brought their idea to ASMSU in hopes of implementing vegan food bars all over campus. The bars will serve all plant-based meals such as vegan curry, vegan burrito bowls, smoothies and a plethora of other animal-free baked goods. Behind the counter will also be a coffee machine that will only use non-dairy milks.

Having options besides meat-heavy burgers and greasy, cheesy pizzas on campus should be enough to cause an effect. Especially placed in areas where students normally binge, such as dining halls and the rec center, FOV predicts that it will be an easy choice for students to switch to vegan diets. They propose having carbonated, yet healthy beverages such as LaCroix and Bubly to keep the fun, while removing the sugar. FOV is in full support of this switch and excited to help out with the implementation.

Voting will take place at ASMSU senate meetings after the upcoming election, so stay tuned.