Mark your calendars for this upcoming Sunday, Feb. 24 from 1–5 p.m. as the VOICE center will be hosting its Violence Prevention Workshop in SUB Ballrooms B and C. The VOICE center has been organizing these workshops for the past five years every September and February. “After the Violence Prevention Workshop, I knew I had to at least apply and try to become an advocate” said one student after the most recent September session. Designed to spread awareness of sexual and domestic violence, the VOICE center also provides a non-toxic, confidential place for the MSU and Bozeman community as well as many opportunities to become informed and involved. This partner to the Office of Health Advancement has an important role on campus.

Amber King, a VOICE Center Prevention Education Specialist says the upcoming session will focus on gender biases and “how [they] play a role in communication about sex, specifically consent.” In support for friends and family who might be survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, intervention skills will also be taught. All of this will add to the community of respect and support the VOICE center has been creating. In general, the workshops hone in on current societal norms of violence and what can be done to challenge that along with support survivors. Another attendee of the September session said, “That was the most beneficial thing I’ve done in college so far.”

All who have interest in this topic are encouraged to make a change by getting involved. The event is free of charge and welcomes current, future and past students, MSU staff and faculty and the entire Bozeman community.

Registration is required. Visit to sign up and learn more about the VOICE center on campus. As a reminder the VOICE center offers a 24-hour confidential support line at (406) 994-7069.