The SUB Rec Center was a hubbub of voices on the eve of Halloween as students filed in to take part in Halloween Trivia Night, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement. The students, some costumed and some not, formed teams of three to five people and submitted their names to the scorekeepers before throwing down the trivia gauntlet. 

Satisfied by free candy, snacks and drinks, the first round of trivia on the ironic topic of candy began. Students were challenged to name the colors of the rainbow found in a bag of Skittles and quizzed on the order of colors on a candy corn. Groups answered 10 questions before the answer sheets were collected and round two commenced. 

Ghosts were the focus of the second category, where guests were drilled on the details of famous hauntings and the names of various spirits before their answers were again collected by the scorekeepers to be judged.

The festivities were broken up by a mini-game before the third round, during which each team raced to make the best mummy with 30 seconds, one teammate and a roll of toilet paper. Strategies varied between passing the roll slowly and unrolling the paper in a sprint around the mummy, with accidental tears eliciting laughs of frustration from the contestants. Fully-formed mummies were awarded points toward their overall scores.

Teams dove into the world of horror movies in the third round of the night, testing their knowledge of classics such as “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Amityville Horror”. Some questions, such as one example asking about the recipe for fake blood, concealed tips for students’ costumes as the night of Halloween approached.

Categories four and five, “throwback” and “miscellaneous,” quizzed the trivia-goers on assorted questions about the real character names and locations of old horror stories as well as random facts about pumpkins and the history of the Halloween holiday. 

Another mini-game break took place before the fifth round, when each participant was given the opportunity to guess the amount of candy contained in a glass jar that was passed around the tables. Again, the contestants closest to the actual goal (in this case 756 pieces of candy) received a bonus for their score. 

The scorekeepers collected the final answer sheets, and players had one final contest to earn extra points. Judges examined the room to determine which students wore the best costume.

When all was said and done, the names of the winning teams and the reward for each team member were announced. “The Halloweenies” took third place with ten-dollar gift cards to “Stuffed” while the “Below-grade Lumberjacks” claimed second for 15-dollars to “Sweet Peaks,” and “OJKS” took first for 25-dollar gift cards to “Blacksmith Italian.” The contestants walked away full of treats and trivia for one night, ready to jump into more festivities the next day.

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