It was a beautiful Monday afternoon. I had just finished my third class and made plans to meet up with my dear friend and former co-worker Faith Droszcz at Miller Dining Commons to grab lunch. Before we even swiped our CatCards, we determined that the classic Miller sandwich would be the way… Read more

Only renowned musicians and groundbreaking painters are creative, right? Surely only people who can draw a masterpiece free hand are creative, right? Wrong. Each and every human being on this planet is creative. It does not matter if you are a statistics major or cannot draw a stick figure t… Read more

A latte a day or a big climbing trip to Utah? A new TV or a guided trip down the Yellowstone River? Everyone experiences the internal dilemma accompanied with deciding what exactly is justifiable to spend our money on. Headlines tell us that spending money on experiences rather than material… Read more

NASA was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on April 2, 1958, in response to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), also known as the Soviet Union, succeeding in the space domain. At that time, Eisenhower felt it was necessary for the United States to win the space race o… Read more

Per the facts known about the delta variant, vaccine coverage as of today, different vaccine efficacy rates and prevention strategies associated with the virus, I sternly believe that we should wear masks even after state-wide vaccination rates increase in the United States. Several states h… Read more

The Western United States is experiencing a record-breaking drought. The drought, combined with extreme summer heat, is resulting in unusually low river flows and negative impacts on surrounding landscapes. According to an article in The Washington Post titled, “Reservoirs are drying up as c… Read more

As our summer break approaches, I’m sure 99% of MSU’s students have already planned a getaway to Moab, Utah. I don’t blame you, either. The warm weather, beautiful scenery and interesting city are enticing for the 16,000 of us who have been cooped up in Bozeman, deprived of a spring break an… Read more

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) is a human rights issue affecting Native American communities throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. The statistics surrounding this issue are devastating, and the small amount of awareness surrounding this topic is dishearten… Read more

The debate over the requirement of vaccine passports has raged since the early 1960’s when the World Health Organization (WHO) created the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) as an official record designed to prove inoculation to certain diseases during internation… Read more

Imagine this: you are driving down W. College Street, minding your business when, all of a sudden, a Chaco-wearing, Nalgene-carrying, Kavu-single-strap pack slinging biker comes flying out of nowhere. You slam on the brakes, honk your horn and express your frustration by flipping the bird. S… Read more

Staying active is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is going for a long walk, a jog or hitting the weights at the gym, our bodies and brains feel good after some movement. We often decide when to work out based on our busy schedules and claim that there is no one time … Read more

According to an article written by Gemma Curtis and published Wednesday, March 3, by Dreams “On average, a person spends approximately 26 years sleeping and nearly seven years trying to get to sleep in their lifetime.” As college students, the amount and quality of sleep we get every night a… Read more

Since 1965, the world has become accustomed to a new form of academic evaluation. The standardized testing system impacts the lives of students starting as young as pre-k and continues past undergraduate admissions into the professional world in the form of exams like the MCAT, LSAT and GRE.… Read more

In a world where being exceptional in your field of work is almost always required, the highest-risk careers are being forced to narrow their studies. Specialization —the idea of focusing on a small part of a much broader area of expertise— is taking over the medical field.  Read more

The extreme rate and sheer volume of medical research being completed to alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic, and to work toward a future absent constant mask-wearing and social distancing, has sparked hope around the globe. On Saturday, Feb. 27, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an … Read more

Since man’s first steps on the moon, the mystery and thrill of space has filled the hearts of millions. This unbelievable innovation in exploration changed the way the world understood travel, technology and the dynamics of the solar system. This achievement also created cutting edge scienti… Read more

My heart beats thousands of times in one day, but it’s only when blood is roaring in my ears that I am acutely aware of its existence within my chest.  Read more

It’s disgruntling to step into your home and find that your guests have scattered a plethora of wrappers, plastic bottles and cigarette butts around the house. It’s even worse to find out they deposited their bowels in a nearby corner rather than making it to the toilet. Read more

The 33rd annual “Bug Buffet” took place from Sunday, Feb. 20, through Saturday, Feb. 27. The buffet included a virtual cook-off between MSU’s chefs, various interviews with food insect entrepreneurs and special bug meal options in Rendezvous Dining Pavilion and Miller Dining Commons. Through… Read more

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new COVID-19 guidelines on Saturday, Feb. 13, in which it introduced the recommendation of “double masking”—a strategy where an individual layers a reusable cloth mask on top of a disposable surgical mask. The idea of more masks, … Read more

Boys are not normally the topic that consumes my mind when I go on runs. However, last week, boys and how we raise them was all I could think about after a mid-run conversation. Read more

If you immerse yourself in current politics, you have likely noticed the strife between the Republican and Democratic parties. From the open belittling of one another to riots and even the GOP’s recent attempt at storming the capitol, it is hard to deny the polarization in American politics.… Read more

The chances are that you’ve seen the film “Jurassic Park,” where an eccentric billionaire from Scotland builds a theme park that promptly fails after sabotage releases the main attraction: real-life dinosaurs. What you might not know, however, is that the paleontologist consultant for the fi… Read more

Over 100 days ago, the citizens of Montana voted to pass the Marijuana Legalization Initiative (I-90), but businesses across Montana are still unable to grow and market recreational cannabis.  Read more

As we grow closer to the one year mark since the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, it has become apparent just how much our lives have been changed. Many businesses that aren’t considered “essential” have struggled, and there is no better example than museums. It is imperative that we give our bes… Read more

The pandemic has changed our world considerably with less person-to-person contact, more distancing and fewer social opportunities. The realities of a global health crisis have completely altered the life of college students. Previously, the student population of MSU had access to in-person … Read more

Recently, the United States experienced another transfer of power between presidents. Although this change of leadership dissipated some of my tension and heartache, I know many people feel apprehension and fear regarding the next four years. I want to take this opportunity to address those … Read more

Just after 2020 ended, the year that many young people felt was the hardest of their lives, Kota the Friend gifted us with a new project full of cautious hope and gentle advice. “Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2” is something different, something new and fresh to start the year that is poised to return … Read more

Anyone looking to revamp their college home while ballin’ on a budget? Free furniture, sticky floors, broken railings and spider guts are all the rage. When we moved into our place this summer, we only cared about the cost of rent (and the hope that we would have hot neighbors). We couldn’t … Read more

Looking for the perfect gift to give to your special someone (or your hot RA) (or your brother) (or yourself to get you out of that puddle of tears) this President’s Day? Look no further. I propose to you, the HydroFlask — the single coldest, sleekest and slurpiest water bottle on the market.  Read more

Cute, reliable and practical... I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m just describing your dream Valentine’s date, but nope — I’m talking about a one of a kind Nalgene water bottle. Now, I’m not usually one to be picky about things, but when it comes to water bottles, pickiness is allowed.  Read more

With the current social climate at hand, you might be asking yourself why this issue is up for discussion. The recent rioting at the U.S. Capitol building, as well as this decade’s rise in mass shootings, must give weight to the idea of carrying a firearm on campus — should private individua… Read more

We’ve all heard the old saying: “Appreciate the little things in life.” While it may seem cliché, there’s some merit behind it. According to a Time Magazine article titled “The Simple Thing That Makes the Happiest People in the World So Happy,” happiness is based upon an appreciation for the… Read more

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, President Donald Trump violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution by fomenting an insurrection against Congress. This event broke the Republican party into two camps: those who believe in the Republican party as a whole and those who believe solely in Trum… Read more

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Through the COVID-19 pandemic, travel companies have worked hard to make modes of transportation safer for everyone. For example, Amtrak, a commercial train travel company, is doing what many other companies are doing: more deep cleaning, allowing fewer passengers and mandating face covering… Read more

It’s dinnertime. You’ve had a long day with two exams and a big project due. The dining hall didn’t have the scones you wanted at lunch, one of the tines on your plastic fork broke off in your throat and you’re craving some comfort food. If you thought this story was going to get any better,… Read more

Do you ever crave Taco John’s on a Wednesday night? Likely not… until you indulge in the best item on the menu. Ignore the urge to get a taco and try the crunchy chicken. Most would question why I would go to Taco John’s solely to get chicken. The nice crunchy outside mixed with the side of … Read more

Soap. You might be familiar with it from the last time you went to the bathroom or when you first cursed around your mom. Now, during the pandemic, it has become an unsung hero, sulking in the shadows as hand sanitizer takes all the glory. Through it all, soap has done its job to keep us cle… Read more

During Halloweekend, the real spooky scare came from the posts that I saw across social media. On Halloween night and throughout the weekend, I saw dozens of posts with pictures of people dressed up in costume. During a normal year, I’d be right there alongside them, celebrating one of my fa… Read more

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Everyone remembers the beginning of quarantine, marked by “Tiger King,” whipped coffee and frenzies at grocery stores. With people trapped inside, there was a huge social media usage spike, allowing people to see social media influencers even more than they had before. Because of this, the a… Read more

I am white and I am ignorantly racist from time to time. Dear reader, you may have assumed these two statements from the title of this article; however, let me expand your portrait of me into something a bit more three-dimensional.  Read more

It’s hard to live in a body that seems broken. It’s even harder to have your dignity taken away because of it. If you are wondering what I am rambling about, I am happy you have never experienced this kind of shame and frustration; however, people with chronic illness, pain and disabilities … Read more

The idea of keeping government and religion separate in America is a key part of the Bill of Rights as part of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Recently in politics, people have become worried that this ideal is being left behind. With the possible addition of Amy Coney Barrett … Read more