Day two of classes rolled around, and I headed to the place where more hours of my life have been lost than any other: the library. On my way to the third floor, I stopped at the second floor. Why is it so quiet? Is no one in there? Low and behold, the second tier of the library was filled with students, shiny new tables, groovy swirling chairs, and space. They removed the books. My first thought wasn’t where did the books go, but instead where is my new spot going to be. Finally, the library created more study space for groups. As a business student, group work is a part of life whether you like it or not. No matter how hard my team “plans” to get projects done early, it’s pretty much a given that we’ll be clicking submit at 11:58 P.M. from the second floor. 

The second story used to be plagued with problems. You could never find a table on nights when projects were due, the regulars always took the good spots, and it was a dog-eat-dog world to secure an outlet. Another problem was finding the SmartyCats tutoring area. I can’t be the only student who had a Narnia experience when I saw the drop-in tutoring sign at the end of a dark and dusty row of bookshelves. I’ll never forget the time my accounting grade was falling harder than the snowflakes outside, and I scheduled an emergency tutor session the night before the exam. By the time I found the SmartyCats area, only 10 minutes remained in my session. Sometimes the smell of coffee from downstairs was nice because it reminded you to take a study break, but once you stepped in line and looked up at your groups’ laptops sitting on those clunky, ugly, wooden tables and thought about that mysterious stain on your chair just awaiting your return, both the niceness and your motivation were gone. 

This fall 2019, I believe groups will be able to cram more comfortably. Students will be inspired to climb those stairs and complete work ahead of time. Curiosity will lead them to the SmartyCats tutoring area, now visible to the naked eye. Coffee downstairs will once again pump life into MSU students, and the semester will go on a little less painfully. It was time for an upgrade.

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