Anyone looking to revamp their college home while ballin’ on a budget? Free furniture, sticky floors, broken railings and spider guts are all the rage. When we moved into our place this summer, we only cared about the cost of rent (and the hope that we would have hot neighbors). We couldn’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars to decorate and design our college home, and you don’t have to either. 

Once the lease was signed, we used our resources to decorate our place without breaking the bank. The couches were hand-me-downs from the people who lived there before us, the coffee table was made from leftover wood in our garage and our free dining chairs were likely from a Pizza Hut, circa 2008. 

One of our guests must have thought our corkboard coffee table was high quality enough to jump on, resulting in its disintegration. We shopped around for a while looking for cheap wood to rebuild it, which we realized doesn’t exist, so we decided to turn to our old friend Facebook Marketplace. Because of this platonic relationship we were able to hunt down free (jumping-on quality) wood that our new coffee table is made out of. 

After visiting posh residences, we soon realized that we needed more decor in our home. Due to our love of “pop” we had tons of empty, leftover boxes. Because we live by the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, we decided to add a little spice to our dining room by duct taping the boxes to the ceiling. Saving the environment one box at a time. Our ceiling was looking superb, but our walls seemed a little blah. To our surprise, our light fixtures were housing spiders (that were not paying rent) which crawled to the walls and added a little flavor once compressed to the paint. Not only did this work as decoration but also served as a warning to the rest of our unwanted tenants. 

Recently, our upstairs hallway light bulbs went out, which turned out not to be a bad thing, as it helped reduce our electricity bill. However, there were a few unforeseen costs. Because the staircase is now pitch black, we often miscalculate the number of steps to the top. Head injuries, bruised knees and twisted ankles are the result. Should we change the lights? Probably. Are we going to? Likely not. 

So for anyone looking to decorate their college home, look no further. We just gave you the tips and tricks: Facebook and bugs.