"Dear Expie" is a semi-weekly, anonymous column answering student questions on relationship troubles, family woes and more. This week, Expie answers questions about homesickness, loneliness, and roommate troubles.

If you’ve got a question for Expie, email ExponentOpinion@montana.edu. All submissions remain anonymous.


Dear Expie,

I went to the Area 51 raid on Sept. 20, which was a big mistake. Talking to the aliens and learning the truth about Mark Zuckerberg was pretty cool, but I’m overwhelmed with everything that I missed. I’ve been trying to catch up with my homework, but there’s just so much to do. How do I manage my schoolwork after missing class? - First Encounter Failure

Dear First Encounter, 

Missing class is tough, whether it’s because of an epic ski day or attending the Area 51 raid. The first step is to reach out to your professors and let them know that you haven’t been in class. Ask them (politely) if they would be willing to share their presentations or lecture notes and if there are any assignments that you missed. If you have friends in the class, reach out to them for help. Ask them for their notes and get their assistance with any work that you need to make up. Next, create an achievable plan to catch up with your work. A planner or digital source like mystudylife.com will help you out. Lastly, pick a weekend day when you have few or no obligations, then shut yourself up in your room and crank that work out. Never underestimate the power of focus. Now get to it!

Dear Expie, 

I met a really cool guy at the Area 51 raid on Sept. 20. He’s cute, funny, smart, and knows his way around a top-secret governmental break-in. I want to ask him out, but I’m not sure how to approach him. Help me out!  - Alien Amour

Dear Alien Amour,

Sounds like a real catch. Remember that confidence is sexy. Be comfortable in your own skin and appreciate your own great qualities. Take some time to talk yourself up in your head. Then go up to him and strike up a conversation. Asking someone out doesn’t have to be as awkward as all the Disney Channel movies make it seem. Instead, have a nice conversation and tell him what you wrote to me. Let him know that you think he’s a great guy and you would like to go out for coffee (or lunch, if you’re not the ultra-caffeinated type) with him. There’s a good chance he’ll say yes. Have fun on the date, and let me know if you make any further contact with extraterrestrials.

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