MSU has many amazing attributes, but Wilson Hall is not one of them. Its overall unpleasantness is made evident by the ever-present smell of sweaty feet and week-old moldy vegetables. Reasons for this smell include bad plumbing and even worse personal hygiene (Old Spice exists folks, please make use). The real issue is the lack of trash cans, resulting in crusty Naked fruit juice bottles, apple cores and used Band-aids strewn throughout classrooms for days on end. 

Also, don’t even get us going on the lack of chairs and outlets on both floors of the building...too late, we’re going. We are both English majors, and when we are waiting upwards of 45 minutes to talk to our Lit professors, we have to pray to the Good Lord above that our laptops are sufficiently charged or that we have paper homework. Otherwise, we’re absolutely screwed. 

Additionally, the staircases in Wilson are narrower than the one-inch margins demanded on every essay we have ever turned in. In our feeble attempts to save our grades midway through the semester and finally make use of the office hours our professors have marketed for the past seven weeks, we begrudgingly drag ourselves up the concrete steps of hell. Turning the corner in the stairwell, we are greeted by a fast-walking student who accidentally slams into one of us, mutters an apology, and keeps going. Damn narrow staircases. In all this, we get to the top only to get lost in the maze that is the upper floor of Wilson. 

In short, Wilson is a nightmare that only gets worse the deeper you go and the more time you spend there.

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