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Do you ever crave Taco John’s on a Wednesday night? Likely not… until you indulge in the best item on the menu. Ignore the urge to get a taco and try the crunchy chicken. Most would question why I would go to Taco John’s solely to get chicken. The nice crunchy outside mixed with the side of nacho cheese is something truly extraordinary. Yeah, the other food is sometimes questionable, and I can’t vouch for the tacos, but you will never go wrong with the crunchy chicken. In addition to the chicken, you can’t forget about the classic Potato Olés©, which also must be dipped in a side of nacho cheese - possibly the best cheese in town.

 If you want a screaming deal, I will even let you in on my secret order to get a cheap snack. Get the crunchy chicken kids meal with nacho cheese instead of the ranch. This comes with a small drink of choice (the lemonade is the best), tater olés, the chicken and a special graham cracker in the shape of a goldfish. You get all that for $3.89. 

Not only is the snack cheap, but the drive-thru lines are short compared to the 20-car pile up at Taco Bell. You will be waiting in line for five minutes, rather than an hour and a half. I forgot to mention that the Taco Bell menu does not include crunchy chicken, and if they were to add it, I doubt it would even be on the same playing field as the all-white meat in the trusty crunchy chicken from Taco John’s. So next time you are craving some chicken (before 10 p.m.), hit up the Taco John’s located close to Dominos on 7th street. 


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