Cute, reliable and practical... I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m just describing your dream Valentine’s date, but nope — I’m talking about a one of a kind Nalgene water bottle. Now, I’m not usually one to be picky about things, but when it comes to water bottles, pickiness is allowed. 

If you’re debating whether a HydroFlask or a Nalgene is a better choice for you, the answer is quite simple. Who wants a two-ton metal brick floating around in their backpack? Who wants a bottle that sounds like a whole construction site when it hits the ground? 

Nalgene bottles not only create a lot less back pain from carrying them around all day, but they’re cute and sturdy as well. One time I accidentally drove over mine, and it came out the other side completely fine. Not to mention that Nalgene usually sells for less than half the price of a normal HydroFlask, which is hard to beat when you’re a broke college student. So go ahead, flaunt that backwash in a clear bottle. Be bold. Get a Nalgene.