The library was once a hub where students could work together without fear of disturbing others. It was a carefree zone that allowed people to work in a fun and inclusive environment. Now, it is a wide open space that has fewer group work stations and promotes an environment where students can’t talk to each other. As you can tell, I am a little frustrated with new changes. I talked to a few other students, and they said the same thing. Senior engineering student, Parker Elliott, is upset about the changes because “more individual work spaces means less talking and the best part of the second floor was the fact that you could talk to people around you.” 

I also looked into why MSU and Renne Library made these changes. They claimed that they wanted to create more space because the library was getting too crowded during finals week. This is true, but the library put in more single-person workstations. If there are more single-person workstations, there are less chairs, which makes the library more difficult to access. They also wanted to create more power stations, which the second floor did lack. While this was a great idea, I have yet to find more than five power stations that work. Every other one says “power coming soon.” Was there never a time during the entire 18-month process to install power to all the work stations? 

And where did the books go? I know that all of the books are digitized now, but did they at least get donated or sold? Nope. The books are in Nopper 910, that weird building in front of the Hedges. Just sitting there, collecting dust. Students can still check those books out, but someone from the library has to walk to the storage facility and retrieve the desired book. Instead of checking out a book in a matter of minutes, students now have to wait days to receive their books. It seems that in the library’s effort to make things more efficient, they have made checking out a book more difficult. I will remind you that this is the main reason for having a library.

While I appreciate MSU’s commitment to helping students, I think that the second floor renovation could have been done better. The only way that I could even start to warm up to the new changes is if the library adds more group work stations. I just want to be able to talk on the second floor again. Is that too much to ask?

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