How much sleep do you really need? I’ve been averaging 5 hours a night since the eighth grade, and I’m thriving. I really don’t need sleep, or maybe I’ve just built up a tolerance. I believe that doing as much as humanly possible in a day leads to fulfillment and natural exhaustion. 

The way this works for me is by conducting a balancing act. I have my internship for professionalism, classes for education, intramurals for exercise, and clubs for interaction. In my spare time, I’ve been teaching myself how to play the piano. Thanks, YouTube. 

Think about it: there’s 24 hours in a day. If you only sleep for five of them, then that leaves 19 hours to live it up. Naps have negative effects because they teach your body to feed off of sleep. I have trained myself to feed off of activity. When I wake up, I’m excited to seize the day. 

My completely made-up and unqualified theory is that when I sleep, my body is taking advantage of the little time it has and works to the max. Another theory I’m putting out into the universe is that less sleep builds your immune system. I never get sick. I expose myself to the elements when I walk to and from campus everyday, and I spend time in many public places.  

Unfortunately, science has proven all my theories wrong, but how am I the only exception to these rules? I once slept for 10 hours and felt exhaustion like nothing else. While sitting in class, I could hardly pay attention. When I got home, I felt so lazy and had zero motivation. This lifestyle is not for everyone. In fact, when I tell people about my habits, they aren’t sure how I’m functioning either. 

I guess one day I’ll look back and just have ten times more memories than everyone else. Or maybe I’ll die earlier. We will have to see. But for now you can catch me going 100 mph. If anyone out there is also living this college experience, hit me up.

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